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Know someone who could use a "facelift"?

Houses, just like people, come in all shapes & sizes and, just like people, some are well cared for, while others become tired and run down. Case in point - this 1980's 2 storey home was beautiful in it's day, but over the years had been sadly neglected. When I did my initial walk through, I could see that beneath the dirt and all the clutter, this home had great potential. With a little love and a lot of hard work, it could be as pretty as the day it was built and picture perfect to greet potential buyers

So, for the next few days, I cleaned, decluttered, rearranged and accessorized (using the client's existing furniture & accessories)

- mmm ....... a little cosmetic surgery was all it took to get this beauty ready to greet potential buyers. The transformation was quite amazing !!!!