Staging and Redesign

The Art of Placement. If you're like me, every time you flip through the pages of a new decorating magazine, you want to redecorate your entire home - new furniture, new colour scheme, hardwood floors, stainless appliances - the works!

You dream about all the great changes you would make and exactly how it would look. When you finally lift your eyes from your magazine and look around your room, reality sets in. You can't afford to replace ONE piece of furniture, never mind "the works"!

We all live with "bits and pieces" of our past. Believe it or not, you probably have the makings of a beautiful room. The trick is in coordinating what you have - making it all work together.

Come. Let's get together and chat. Make yourself comfortable. It's time to dream of the possibilities. It's time to redesign!

Please feel free to contact me at and start enjoying your new space now. What are you waiting for?